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RE:【情報】特殊模組系列18 武器護甲服飾與雜物修復 更新 【種族選單-SE】0.4.8(0913)

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Version 0.4.8
Fixed more crash related issues
Inventory models can now reflect dye changes (must map dyes to gnd model path)
Added bEnableTintInventory option to enable/disable inventory tint hook
Added bDrawBrushPoint and bDrawBrushRadius to enable/disable the sculpting indicators
Only items eligible to be dyed are shown in DyeManager now

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Version 2.0
USSEP added as a master file. Removed redundant changes from WACCF.
Created copies of remaining female 1st-person meshes for variant textures so the textures will appear correctly when viewed in 1st person. Applies to: Barkeeper, Blacksmith, Farmer Clothes, MageJourneymanRobes, Monk robes (brown, green, grey, red), DB Redguard, and Merchant clothes).
Corrected the texture for the Elven Gauntlets so they match the appearance of the rest of the Elven armor set.
Corrected the texture on male Nightingale torso in order to remove the brown tones and better match the rest of the armor. Also fixed the Glossiness, Specular Color, and Environment Map Scale on Nightingale torso meshes. Male torso was also using a different cubemap.
Corrected the textures for all of the Orcish weapons, as well as the shield, so that they better match the armor. Fixed the overly bright texture of the Orcish sword.
Removed SkeletonRace from the Armor Addon entry for the black robes in order to fix CTD issue this was causing in a few specific locations.
Fixed the 1st-person mesh for the blue version of Fine Quilted Clothes.
Changed the armor value for the Dented Iron Shield so it's slightly lower than the regular Iron shield. Added a new model to distinguish this shield from the regular shield. Credit to Gojirex for the mesh.
Changed name of Silver/Copper Moonstone Circlets to Silver/Copper Opal Circlet for consistency with CCOR change.
Some of the bandits, bandit bosses, and afflicted, had specific daggers in their inventories. These have been replaced with leveled lists that follow WACCF's weapon progression.
Disabled the tempering recipes for Skaal items that are added by USSEP. WACCF changes the Skaal items to clothing, so they shouldn't have tempering recipes.
Removed the magicka enchantment on the Dunmeri Brown Hood (0x10C316).
Renamed EnchDwarvenBowTurn03 (000ACB93) and EnchDwarvenBowTurn04 (000ACB91) to "Dwarven Bow of Aversion" and "Dwarven Bow of Repulsion" in order to be consistent with the changes that WACCF makes to other Turn Undead enchanted weapons.
Created a female sleeveless version of the Dawnguard "Red" Armor, so it now matches the male version. Having the male and female armors match more closely helps the crafting recipes and survival keywords stay consistent regardless of sex. Sleeveless Dawnguard armor now had Survival_ArmorCold keyword.
Created a female short-sleeved version of the Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor to match the male variant. Renamed to Shrouded Short-Sleeved Armor, made playable, and added tempering recipe.
WACCF changes which perks affect the improvement of certain items. Some of these changes were not reflected in the crafting requirements for those items. The following changes have been made to fix this issue and make the perk changes in WACCF apply more consistently:
Renamed "Orcish Smithing" to "Advanced Heavy Smithing"
Renamed "Advanced Smithing" to "Advanced Light Smithing"
Elven Gilded Armor requires the Advanced Light Smithing perk to craft.
Stalhrim Light Armor requires the Glass Smithing perk to craft, and Stalhrim weapons require either the Glass or Ebony Smithing perk to craft.
The following items now require the Advanced Heavy Smithing perk to craft and improve: Steel Plate, Nord Hero weapons, Nordic weapons and armor, and Chitin Heavy armor.
The Ancient Nord Honed, Blades armor and sword, and Skyforge weapons will now get improvement bonuses if the player has the Advanced Heavy Smithing perk (instead of the Advanced Light Smithing perk).
Containers in the following locations have been changed to make sure they are safe (non-respawning). In cells where there is a mix of safe and respawning containers, I've chosen to use new containers unique to WACCF. These new containers have an * following the container name to designate that they are safe for player storage.
Jorrvaskr: Containers in the shared bedroom in Jorrvaskr's basement have been replaced with non-respawning versions, designated by an "*". NOTE: the four end tables between the beds are owned by different NPCs, so while these won't respawn, they may still count as stealing by the player.
Jorrvaskr: Containers in the Harbinger's bedroom and office have been replaced with non-respawning versions, designated by an "*". NOTE: these containers are still owned by the Harbinger faction, so they will be considered stealing until the player becomes Harbinger.
Volkihar Keep: Containers in the coffin room and Serana's bedroom have been replaced with non-respawning versions, designated by an "*".
Fort Dawnguard: Containers in the cot room and master bedroom have been replaced with non-respawning versions, designated by an "*".
College of Winterhold: Containers in Arch-mage's Quarters have been replaced with BYOH non-respawning versions. These containers don't have the "*" since all containers in this cell should be safe for storage. This change mainly applies to a few containers, like the safe and noble furniture, which WACCF's changes would have allowed to potentially respawn.
College of Winterhold: Containers in the player's room in the Hall of Attainment have been replaced with new WACCF non-respawning versions, designated by an "*". The other loose clutter items in the player's room have been marked to not respawn as well.
Ragged Flagon Cistern: The End Table and Guild Chest on either side of the player's bed have been replaced with new WACCF non-respawning versions, designated by an "*". NOTE: Unless they've been modified by another mod, none of the "Guild Chests" in this cell should respawn.
Disabled the weight slider for female Ancient Nord Helmet (and female Orc version).
Fixed ugly hole in female 1st person mesh for Thieves Guild armor
Fixed 1st person appearance of female Guild Master's Armor (and other Thieves Guild variants).
Changed DLC2ItemArrowsAll leveled list to conform to WACCF's Dwarven>Elven>Orcish progression.
Included missing Penitus Oculus bracer mesh for female Khajiit and Argonians.
Fixed wrist misalignment caused by female executioner armor mesh.
Added Red Cowl to the DLC1SurgeonOutfit so that Galathil could have her hood back.
Made a few changes to LItemClothesAll (used by Radiant Raiment). Removed beggar clothes and Necromancer robes. Added Black boots; Chef's clothing; brown, green, grey, and red mage robes; colored monk cowls; unenchanted versions of the college mage robes, boots, and hoods; and Dunmeri clothing.
Temper recipe created for Leather Hood (ArmorTorturerHood).
WAF_ArmorSwapScript added to MQTorturerHood (will convert to ArmorTorturerHood upon being picked up by player)
Changed Iron Greatsword in Jorrvaskr to an Iron Sword in order to fix the fight scene between Njada and Athis.
Renamed Dawnguard armors (removed color from name, added "sleeveless" to the red version now that male/female both match)
Renamed Guard's armor, helmets, and shield so they would sort better and also so that all guard gear uses the name of the respective regions/holds (instead of some using the name of the Hold and others using the name of the city).
Renamed the Windhelm Guard's Shield to "Stormcloak Shield" to stay consistent with the Stormcloak armor.
Changed the weight of the Silver Sword and Greatsword so they are more consistent (one-step lighter than iron version).
Removed VendorItemTool keyword from RuinsLinenPile01; added VendorItemClutter and VendorItemClothing keywords.
Added VendorItemClothing keyword to RuinsScissor.
Adjusted value of gold and silver ingots so they are more consistent with vanilla recipes, as well as malachite, orichalcum, and moonstone ingots (to maintain consistent values).
Changed RecipeIngotIron so that it now requires 2 Iron Ore to make 1 Iron Ingot (consistent with other ingot recipes).
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Version 0.4.9
Fixed bug with DyeManager choosing wrong mip level when merging textures
Restored functionality to custom HeadPart sliders
Restored functionality to bAllowAllMorphs
Added functionality to automatically tint equipped items with the Hair Shader includes settings (bEnableTintHairSlot=1, uTintHairSlot=2050)
Added additional options, though not recommended (bAllowAnyRacePart=0, bAlloyAnyGenderPart=0)
BodyMorph keys saved to non-actors will no longer be loaded, still don't know how or why this happened but it might clean some co-save bloat.
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Version 0.4.10
Fixed random crash when using Skin Overrides
Fixes crash when entering Sculpt tab using non-BSDynamicTriShape meshes
Fixes precache disable function to not attempt caching Hair styles when changing gender
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Version 0.4.11
Improved wireframe rendering in sculpting
Fixed sculpting mask functionality
Fixed sculpting hit location after iterative edits
Added recalculation of Normals and Tangents on armor with said properties utilized
Added support for game version 1.5.97 (Not compatible with previous versions)
Fixed mesh attachment hook, old one was ported from LE poorly and just happened to work

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Version 2.1
The enchantments found on the Vampire Armors are now associated with one of the color variations. Destruction = red; Conjuration = dark gray; MagickaRate = light gray.
Renamed "Exploding Bolts" to just "[xxx] Bolts of Fire/Shock/Ice" so they would sort better in the inventory and crafting menu.
Added "keywords" bash tag.
Changed the name of the Orichalcum Circlets to "Orichalc" to reflect changes from CCOR. This also corresponds better to "lore" (i.e. naming conventions established in ESO).
Made a few minor changes to LItemJewelryCirclet(25/75) lvl lists to match changes from CCOR.
Fixed a few light gloves/gauntlets that had incorrect WAF_PerkFists keywords (these keywords are used by CCOR).
Updated stats for Blades Sword, Bolar's Oathblade, and Dragonbane so they are consistent with how we've been handling katana's in various mods and patches.
Added "VisuallyDark" keyword to Ebony Mail.
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