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【情報】Devilian Update 1.2

樓主 Elics adslpon
Devilian LIVE has been updated with version Below is a full list of update notes:

Note: With this update, your skills have been reset. Please respec your skills before going adventuring.


A new way to stake your claim in Nala is on the horizon! We are very happy to share that Guild Tournaments has arrived to Devilian. In a series of 20 vs 20 Devilian PvP battles, the top four ranking guilds will be able face one another to compete for valuable collections of Archgemstones each Sunday. With four tiers of rewards, your guild’s placement in the weekly Guild Tournament will determine the amount of Archgemstones each participating member of your guild is able to collect. The higher you rank, the more you will earn.

Prepare Devilians, the 1st Guild Tournament will begin January 24th.
Your Guild War victories during the week leading up to the 24th of January count towards entry into the Guild Tournament.

Adjusted stats to allow players to participate in Guild War and Guild Tournament regardless of their level.


•Increased Butchery gear drop rate for level 52 Hell Dungeons.
•Boss Monsters in level 50 Hell Dungeons now have a chance to drop Butchery Soul Tokens.
•Removed Smart Drop system in Archdevil dungeons. This will ensure Tragedy gear is dropped even if the whole party has tragedy gear already.
•Added tradeable Ael’s Tear box in the Archgemstore
•Improved the Artifact Conversion. The required amount of Gems for conversion has been reduced.
•All Devilian Gear (Weapons, Armor, Cape, and Accessory) will have a maximum enchantment level.
o Normal, Grand: +9
o Rare: +8
o Heroic: +6
Note: Maximum enchantment level will increase with future expansions as character level increases.

•Reduced the rare gear drop rate in field and dungeons.


•Fixed an issue where certain quest turn-in NPCs in Segarro Coast were not present in the game, making it impossible to complete some quests.
•Fixed an issue where Elara's blessing did not function in the Corrupted Courtyard and Depraved Temple
•Fixed an issue where neutral mob related learning quests and daily quests in the Battlefield did not complete
•Fixed an issue where the "Re-register" text was cut off in the Auction House
•Fixed an issue where the Dark Dance kept dealing damage even though the character was killed
•Fixed an issue where the Devilian War Master buff was provided twice (15h, 24h)
•Devilian War Master buff will only be provided once and when another guild becomes Master of the field, the buff will be removed.
•Fixed an issue where Avarix does not resume attacking after death gates are destroyed.
•Fixed a bug with skills that caused master level skills to be available when not earned.

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