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【情報】2016.01.07/// - Patch Notes

樓主 Elics adslpon

Skill Balance Pass:

•Evokers skill “Lightning Bolt” damage interval has been decreased by 20% but with an increased chance to deal damage.
•Evokers skill “Lightning Blast” damage has been decreased from 180% to 170%
•Fixed a bug where Evoker skill “Flame Swing” would be unexpectedly shortened.
•Recovery Field debuff for Evoker Skill “ Recovery Field” will be applied at 15-25 second intervals depending on the number of debuff counters on the player.
•Fixed an issue with Cannoneer skill “Time Bomb” damage field from continuous explosion passive dealing the same damage as the original skill. This should now deal the correct 20% damage.
•Increased Shadowhunter Devilian form base skill damage while slightly reducing damage done by attacks made to the opponents back side.
•To reduce gap caused by physical defense vs. magic defense, damage reduction for physical and magic attacks from all Class PVP attacks have been set even. Melee classes now receive a 2.5% resilience bonus during Class PVP.


•Salvation fee for Devilian Gear has been changed to 100 silver.
•Increased amount of training tokens acquired from salvaging Master Class PVP gear.


•You can now queue for 3vs3 Corrupt Courtyard matches as a party.
•Party is no longer disbanded after Courrupt Courtyard finishes.
•Updated Battleground finder interface, separated Normal Mode and Devilian Mode PVP into separate tabs.
•Unified terms for PVP:
o20vs20: Decayed Sanctum
o3vs3: Corrupt Courtyard

•Changed leaderboard reward for 3vs3 class pvp.
oRank 1: Kavels Tear x25 > Archgemstone x320, Frenzy Crown (7 days)
oRank 2-3: Kavels Tear x20 > Archgemstone x250
oRank 4-6: Kavels Tear x12 > Archgemstones x150
oRank 7-10: Kavels Tear x10 > Archgemstones x125
oRank 11-50: Training Tokens x60
oRank 51-100: Training Tokens x40
•Added 10 Daily Quests for Devilian Mode PVP

UI Adjustments:

•Proficiencies are no longer shared between characters, levels are. This means you can allocate the points you’ve earned how you want for different characters. As a result, all proficiency points have been reset.
•Players can now see guild UI’s without actually being part of a guild.
•Mini-map size can now be adjusted.
•Some icons have been resized.


•Hell Freeze event has been turned off.
•Added fix for memory leak issues.
•Field boss - Fixed a bug where Boss monster stops attacking other players, when the player with highest threat move out of boss’s attack range.
•Hell Dungeon - Fixed a bug where HP of monster from Hell dungeon is set to ‘heroic’ when players enter the dungeon using ‘search party’ or in a form of party
•Quests - Fixed bug where players were able to repeatedly gain quest items.


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