LV. 19
GP 444

【情報】1.95改版載具資訊 (10樓更新)

樓主 超爽德 wwtw15991
J6B Jaktfalken II: falcon from the north (瑞典)

As you may already know, a full Swedish aviation tech tree is coming with War Thunder major update update 1.95. Swedish aircraft will gradually be added to the game during a beta test period, and players who have purchased early access packs will get the chance to research all the Swedish aircraft as soon as the update is released.

J6B Jaktfalken II, fighter, “reserve”. Sweden, rank I

Great handling characteristics
Large choice of machine gun ammo belts

Average speed near the ground
Weak armament

The Svenska Aero J6B Jaktfalken II is a classic biplane fighter of the pre-war period. The aircraft was partially covered with metal and fabric. The cockpit was open and the powertrain was a British radial 500 hp Bristol Jupiter engine. The J6B is armed with a pair of 8mm Swedish-made machine guns – a licensed copy of the Browning M1919 with a new calibre. Due to its less-than-impressive engine, the J6B’s speed near the ground is fair to average, however it manoeuvres well even at low speeds.
The J6B is a good in-game starter aircraft for players of Sweden. It’s a good choice for playing in lower ranked “sandbox” matches, allowing players to earn their first victories and Silver Lions for researching new starter-rank aircraft. The J6B’s level flight speed is relatively low, so it’s best to gain altitude away from major dogfights. It sports two guns in total, but the pilot has a wide choice of ammunition including incendiary, armour-piercing, and tracer rounds.

Players will find that Swedish aircraft will prove their worth as interesting and unique war machines. Stay tuned to our Developers’ Blog articles to find out more about the cool new additions coming to War Thunder in major update update 1.95. See you there!

LV. 19
GP 446
2 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
HMAS Tobruk: Advance Australia! (英國)

HMAS Tobruk is one of two late so-called “Australian Battle-class” destroyers, built in the immediate postwar years for the Royal Australian Navy. Despite seeing a relatively short service life, HMAS Tobruk is soon making its way into the game with update 1.95, boosting the strength of the British destroyer line in War Thunder!

Briefly: One of the last Battle-class destroyers to be built, sporting an enhanced anti-air armament and a larger crew complement for improved survivability.

HMAS Tobruk, destroyer, Britain, III rank.

Fast-firing main guns
Higher crew count
Improved anti-air armament

Lower top speed
Fewer main battery turrets

In War Thunder, HMAS Tobruk will be a new destroyer coming to rank III of the British naval forces tree as part of the upcoming update 1.95. Compared to the existing Battle-class destroyer in game - HMS Armada - HMAS Tobruk offers its aspiring captains improved anti-air firepower and survivability, coming at the cost of slightly reduced mobility and a cut down primary armament suit.
Starting off with the latter - aspiring commanders of HMAS Tobruk will need to make do with the fact that this later modification of the Battle-class had its midship single 4.5’’ (114 mm) gun turret removed in favour of increased AA armament. Although this does mean that the vessel’s effectiveness is somewhat decreased against larger surface targets, the additional four single 40mm Bofors AA cannons will undoubtedly increase the ship’s effectiveness when dealing with smaller surface targets and aircraft in particular.

However, one area in which HMAS Tobruk outclasses its existing counterpart in the game is survivability. Having an increased crew complement consisting of a total of 292 sailors over HMS Armada gives HMAS Tobruk the ability to sustain slightly more damage in battle, thus increasing its combat endurance as a direct result.

Fun Fact: HMAS Tobruk received its name, like other ships of the class, after an important battle. In this case, the ship received its name after the iconic Siege of Tobruk of 1941.

Increased AA firepower and a larger crew does come at a certain price, however. Namely, HMAS Tobruk has a slightly increased displacement over HMS Armada, causing its mobility to decrease slightly as a result. Therefore, captains can expect to ‘only’ reach a maximum top speed of 35.5 knots (65.7 km/h) compared to HMS Armada’s 37.75 knots (70 km/h). While this slight decrease in mobility certainly shouldn’t affect the ship too much in the context of random battles, it does mean that HMAS Tobruk can’t be considered as one of the fastest destroyers in the game, like her sistership, but instead takes a more ‘middle of the pack’ place within the game.
Overall, HMAS Tobruk can be seen as a ‘sidegrade’ to the existing HMS Armada, offering those captains who prefer a more powerful AA suite a choice of a better alternative within the British destroyer line in the game, while preserving all of the characteristic features of the Battle-class’ design!

HMAS Tobruk is coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.95 and will become available to all captains at rank III of the British naval forces tree. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you think of this new addition to the game in the comments below and stay tuned to the news for more sneak peaks at what’s coming with the next major update. Until then, calm seas captains!




優點:- 主砲裝填快- 乘員數量多- 較好防空
缺點:- 船速較慢- 主砲砲塔數量較少



托布魯克是無敵艦隊號的一個子型,給喜歡更多對空火力的艦長使用,而且也可以完成“戰鬥級”的不同形態收集。 HMAS托布魯克號將在1.95更新加入英系海軍科技樹作為一艘3階驅逐艦。

LV. 19
GP 448
3 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
SAAB B3C: Bomber to Start From (瑞典)

The B3C was an export version of the German Junkers Ju 86 bomber, built under licence by the SAAB company for the Swedish Air Force. Coming to War Thunder with the upcoming update 1.95, the B3C will be among the first aircraft available to pilots as part of the brand new Swedish aviation tree!

Briefly: A Swedish licence-built version of an interwar German medium bomber, fitted with licensed copies of British engines and featuring a wide selection of ordnance options.

SAAB B3C, medium bomber, Sweden, I rank.

Wide range of payload options
Effective defensive turrets

Average flight characteristics

In War Thunder, the B3C will be one of the first machines awaiting eager pilots at the starting ranks of the brand new Swedish aviation tree, coming to the game with the upcoming update 1.95. Despite sharing many of its general characteristics with other low ranking bombers in the game, the SAAB B3C still offers its future pilots a relatively powerful and quite versatile aircraft, ensuring a smooth start to the journey of progressing through the ranks of Swedish aviation tree!
Unlike the original German Ju 86, the Swedish B3C is powered by a pair of NOHAB MY XXIV 9-cylinder radial engines - Swedish licence-built versions of the Bristol Pegasus XXIV engine - generating approximately 900 horsepower each.

Being a bomber aircraft, the B3C is naturally capable of being fitted with a relatively wide selection of ordnance options. In its early service life, this mostly consisted of combinations of 250 and 50 kg bombs, while later, the B3C also received the option to carry a single 853 kg torpedo mounted externally, underneath the bomb bay. As such, the B3C will be able to attack a wide variety of targets in the game, giving it greater flexibility in battle and allowing the pilot to exercise a higher degree of freedom when it comes to choosing his targets.

Fun Fact: The only known surviving example of the Ju 86 is preserved at the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping.

Although the B3C might appear at first glance to be easy prey for fighter pilots, on closer inspection, this might not necessarily turn out to be the case. In fact, the most common angles of attack are closely guarded by three machine gun turrets, keen to scare off any overzealous attackers.

We remind you that those who have purchased relevant early access packs will have access to researching the Swedish aviation vehicle tree in the upcoming update 1.95.

LV. 19
GP 452
4 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
B17A: SAAB's first (瑞典)

We’re continuing our overview of the most unusual Swedish aircraft from the upcoming War Thunder 1.95 update. Today we’re going to tell you about the first mass-produced Swedish bomber: the B17A.

B17A, light bomber, Sweden, rank II

Very good bomb load

Weak frontal armament

There are two versions of the SAAB B17 bomber in War Thunder. The B17B version will be added to rank I of the Swedish aviation tree. It has a less powerful engine, but it also features a rack with a 250 kg bomb that, during bombing, leads the bomb downward from the propeller’s plane of rotation.
It can bomb not only in level flight, but also when diving with its landing gear deployed to facilitate aiming – the doors on the landing gear can act as air brakes to some extent, although they are not as effective as actual air brakes. The B17A version, which is in rank II, has a Swedish copy of the American Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engine with up to 1,065 horsepower and the option to carry a 500 kg bomb, but it can only bomb in a shallow dive.

In War Thunder, both aircraft are pretty decent lower-ranked bombers whose main advantage is their good bomb load. War Thunder pilots can choose from the following options: 9х50 kg, 1х250 kg, 1х250 kg + 4х50 kg, and 1х500 kg for the B17A. The aircraft offer decent speed: the B17A can reach 400 km/h. Their drawbacks include their rather weak frontal and defensive armament: a pair of 8mm machine guns on the wings and one with a limited range of motion on the back of the canopy.

The SAAB B17A will appear in the hangars of Swedish aircraft testers when War Thunder 1.95 is released. We can’t wait!

We remind you that those who have purchased relevant early access packs will have access to researching the Swedish aviation vehicle tree in the upcoming update 1.95.



B17A,輕型轟炸機,瑞典,II 級


遊戲中將會有兩種版本的SAAB B17轟炸機。 B17B版本將被添加到瑞典空軍科技樹的一級。它的引擎功率較小,但裝有一個可附帶250公斤炸彈的掛架。它不僅可以進行水平轟炸,而且在俯衝時也可以部署起落架以利於更讓精準的轟炸,起落架上的收放門在某種程度上可以起到減速板的作用,儘管效果不如實際的減速板來的有效

B17A則會位於科技樹的II級,配備有瑞典獲得授權製造的美國普惠雙黃蜂發動機,功率高達1,065馬力,並可以攜帶500公斤炸彈,但卻只能在淺俯衝的飛行姿態中投放炸彈。在遊戲中,這兩架飛機都是相當不錯的低級轟炸機,其主要優勢是其良好的掛載負荷。 B17A的飛行員可以從以下的掛載選項中進行選擇:9х50 kg, 1х250 kg, 1х250 kg + 4х50 kg, 和1х500 kg 。 B17可以達到400 km / h的優秀時速。但缺點則包括較弱前射機槍和防禦武器:機翼上裝備了一對8毫米機槍,而後部的一挺防禦機槍只能在有限的範圍內活動射擊。

SAAB B17A 將在1.95更新完畢後出現在瑞典玩家的機庫當中。購買瑞典空軍預購包的玩家別忘記可以在1.95更新完畢的第一時間體驗整條科技樹

LV. 19
GP 455
5 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
Prinz Eugen: Steaming Into the Atomic Age (德國)  (禮包)

Prinz Eugen was one of three Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruisers, built for the Kriegsmarine during the mid 1930s. After having seen extensive use during WWII, Prinz Eugen is now ready to make an appearance in War Thunder too, becoming the German premium heavy cruiser, available soon to all captains with update 1.95 "Northern Wind"!

Briefly: The last Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser to be commissioned, featuring a late war configuration which provides a higher level of anti-air protection and survivability.

Prinz Eugen, heavy cruiser, premium, Germany, IV rank.

Increased crew count
Improved anti-air firepower
Premium bonuses

Weaker armour for a ship of such a size.
The Kit Includes:
Prinz Eugen (Rank 4 Germany) - available after 1.95 update;
2000 Golden Eagles;
Premium account for 30 days;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Coats of arms of the Holy Roman Empire" decal;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Royal Blood" title.

In War Thunder, Prinz Eugen will be the first premium ship to become available to captains at rank IV of the German naval tree with the release of the upcoming update 1.95 "Northern Wind". Although sharing many similarities with its sistership already present in the game, Prinz Eugen, coming to War Thunder in its 1945 refit, will expand upon the capabilities of its older sister by offering its aspiring captains a stronger anti-air suite as well as increased crew count!

Fun Fact: The capsized, semi-submerged wreck of Prinz Eugen can still be found just off the shores of one of the islands of Kwajalein Atoll and remains a popular local tourist attraction.

The primary factor that helps differentiate Prinz Eugen from the more than familiar Admiral Hipper is its stronger anti-air armament. Namely, the ship was refitted in 1945 to feature a much heavier and more numerous anti-air loadout. As a result, daring pilots who seek a clash with Prinz Eugen can expect to go up against 4 double 37mm cannons, 6 quadruple 20mm cannons, 2 double 20mm cannons as well as a whopping 18 single 40mm captured Bofors cannons scattered around the ship’s decks.
In addition to substantially bolstered anti-air firepower, Prinz Eugen has another ace up its sleeve which further enhances it combat capabilities. Namely, Prinz Eugen’s crew count was significantly increased in the later stages of the war, resulting in the ship being manned by 1,768 crew members in total. Therefore, Admiral Hipper proudly passes on the title of “Most Crewed Naval Vessel in War Thunder” to its younger sibling, thus also allowing it to stay engaged in combat for longer and being able to potentially absorb more damage during clashes on the high seas.

Last, but certainly not least - Prinz Eugen will be coming to the game as the first German rank IV premium vessel, on the one hand giving both veteran as well as new captains the chance to faster progress through the German naval tree with every action performed in combat, while on the other hand offering a worthy new addition to the collection of every serious warship connoisseur in the game!

Prinz Eugen can be obtained through the purchase of a special bundle in our online store and will become available to all its prospective captains in War Thunder, following the arrival of the upcoming update 1.95 "Northern Wind". In the meantime, keep a wary eye on the horizon for more news regarding the next major update coming to the game very soon. Until then, calm seas captains!

LV. 19
GP 458
6 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
Rooikat 76 Mk.1D: Desert Cat  (英國)

The Rooikat 76 is a South African wheeled armoured fighting vehicle, developed during the 1980s as a replacement for outdated AFVs in service at the time. Coming soon with update 1.95, this eight-wheeled feline predator will become a formidable new addition to the top ranks of the British ground forces tree in War Thunder!

Briefly: A 1980s domestically produced South African wheeled IFV, featuring extremely good mobility and a quick-firing medium calibre cannon.

Rooikat 76 Mk.1D, light tank, Britain, rank VI.

Quick-firing 76.2 mm cannon
Record-breaking top speed
Powerful sub-calibre round

Lacks ammunition variety
Light armour protection

In War Thunder, the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D will be a new light wheeled vehicle coming to rank VI of the British ground forces tree as part of the upcoming update 1.95. In stark contrast to most other ground vehicles offered by the British top ranks, the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D will bring with it a breath of fresh air, so to speak, to veteran British tankers, giving them the chance to command a highly nimble and no less deadly combat vehicle unlike any other currently found in the British ground forces tree!
Thanks to its heavy-duty outside appearance, the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D will easily mislead many tankers into believing that mobility isn’t necessarily this vehicle’s biggest strength. However, the truth is quite the contrary - weighing in at 28 t and being powered by a 567 hp engine allows the Rooikat to reach a new record top speed of 120 km/h on roads, making it the fastest vehicle in War Thunder! Therefore, don’t be fooled by its looks

Another aspect of the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D that certainly shouldn’t be scoffed at is its 76.2 mm cannon. Despite most of its opposition fielding some formidable high-calibre cannons, it would be ill-advised to underestimate the firepower offered by this gun. Featuring similar ballistics as the 76mm cannon found on the Italian OTOMATIC, tankers will find the fully stabilised GT-4 cannon of the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D just as effective and easy to use, with the exception that you won’t point it at airborne targets as often and that it’s not assisted by an autoloading mechanism. On the other hand, dispatching of hostile armour certainly won’t present much of a difficulty thanks to the use of a powerful sub-calibre round, especially when coupled with wide flanking maneuvers, of which the Rooikat is most definitely capable.

However, as with most vehicles of this type, the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D too suffers from the same downsides - namely, a lack of protection. Featuring only 30mm of armour at its thickest points, the Rooikat 76 Mk.1D certainly won’t be able to effectively absorb any sort of incoming enemy fire going above heavy machine gun calibre. As such, aspiring commanders of this machine will definitely need to use the superb mobility of their machine to get out of harm’s way and literally outrun bullets before they’re even fired at them!

LV. 19
GP 459
7 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
FFVS J22: Settling The Bill  (瑞典)

The J22 is a Swedish fighter developed in the early 1940s to quickly address the urgent need of the Swedish Royal Air Force for a modern new fighter aircraft. Arriving as part of update 1.95 "Northern wind", the J22 will await eager pilots at the interim ranks of the brand new Swedish aviation tree, coming soon to War Thunder!

Briefly: A Swedish WWII-era fighter aircraft, offering its pilots good flight performance at low to medium altitudes at the expense of somewhat lacking firepower.

J22, fighter, Sweden, II - III rank.

Good top speed
Light and nimble
Small silhouette

Poor high altitude performance
Only MG armament

In War Thunder, the J22 will be one of the many new fantastic aircraft awaiting players in the brand new Swedish aviation tree, coming to the game with the upcoming update 1.95. Furthermore, pilots may not only get excited about flying a single version of the J22, but may instead look forward to having the chance to fly out both of the two major production modifications of the aircraft, namely the J22A & B!

The J22 is powered by the 1,050 horsepower STWC3-G engine - a Swedish copy of the American Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp engine. As a result, the aircraft is capable of reaching a top speed of up to 560 km/h in level flight at an altitude of 4,300 m, while the airframe itself allows the pilot to push the machine up to a speed of 650 km/h before running the risk of structural failure.
Although the engine might give off the notion that the J22 is more of a cumbersome aircraft when it comes to maneuverability, this is in fact only a half-truth. In reality, the J22 manages to achieve quite average agility, meaning that it’s able to hold its own in dogfights, but doesn’t stand much of a chance against more maneuverable opponents. However, this only remains true for as long as pilots stay at relatively low altitudes. Due to the fact that J22 isn’t fitted with a high-altitude capable engine, its performance rapidly deteriorates at altitudes in excess of 5,000 m, meaning that you’ll be best off keeping this bird a bit closer to the ground than some other machines.

Fun Fact: Due to problems delaying the production of the Swedish version of the engine, early production units of the J22 were fitted with original American Pratt & Whitney engines acquired from Vichy French H-75 Hawks.

In terms of firepower, the J22’s armament can certainly be considered as being on the lighter end of the spectrum, at least as far as the J22A is concerned. Namely, being fitted with a pair of high and a pair of rifle caliber machine guns, the first production model of the J22 is definitely more lightly armed than some of the other machines found at its rank. On the other hand, being armed with machine guns does mean that pilots will have plenty of ammunition at their disposal to deal with any enemy they may come across.

Unlike the J22A, the later production model - the J22B - differs from its predecessor, most notably in two one aspects - firepower and weight. As such, the J22B did away with the rifle caliber machine guns, and instead, engineers fitted the machine with a unified loadout of four heavy machine guns with an ammunition count of 250 rounds per gun, thus also increasing the aircraft’s weight slightly as a result. However, what both variants have in common is the complete absence of any suspended ordnance options, thus limiting the J22s’ effectiveness in combined battles.

We remind you that those who have purchased relevant early access packs will have access to researching the Swedish aviation vehicle tree in the upcoming update 1.95 "Northern wind".

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news on the next major update coming to the game very soon. Until then, happy hunting pilots!




J22, 戰鬥機, 瑞典, II - III 級.


在遊戲中,J22將成為瑞典空軍科技樹眾多優秀戰機的其中之一。屆時飛行員們將體驗到J22最主要的兩款量產型號 - J22A & B!
J22由1,050馬力的STWC3-G發動機提供動力,該款發動機就是美國普惠R-1830雙黃蜂發動機的瑞典版本。有了強力的動力支持下,該飛機能夠在4,300 m的高度水平飛行達到最高560 km / h的時速,而機身強度則允許飛行員將機器推至650 km / h 的最高時速。不過也要當心過快的速度也會為機身結構帶來毀滅性的風險。

儘管從碩大的發動機看去,J22可能會讓令人覺得笨拙,但實際上,當飛行員將它保持在相對較低的高度時,J22能夠表現出相當不錯的機動性,這意味著它可以通過進行纏鬥保持自身的優勢,但與更具機動性的對手相比則情況可能則不太樂觀。另外由於J22並未配備高海拔發動機,因此在超過5,000 m的海拔高度時其性能會迅速下降,這意味著駕駛這架戰機時最好讓它比其他戰機更靠近地面 。



與J22A不同,後來的生產型號-J22B-與之前的型號相比有了可觀的變化,最明顯的是在火力和重量兩個方面。 J22B 的工程師為機器配備了統一裝填的四門重型機槍,每門彈藥數量為250發,因此飛機的重量也略微增加了 。但是,這兩種型號的共同點是完全沒有任何掛載,從而限制了J22在進行聯合作戰時的效力(瘋狂暗示瑞典陸戰線開發中)。

LV. 19
GP 459
8 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
Strv 103-0: Last Man Standing (瑞典)

The Strv 103, also known as the ‘S-Tank’, is a highly unusual Swedish main battle tank, unique for its turretless design and innovative use of adjustable suspension. Also coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.95 "Northern wind", the famous S-Tank will become among the first playable Swedish ground vehicles in the game!

Briefly: A highly unique Swedish Cold War MBT, featuring a compact, turretless design, whose fixed cannon is controlled via the use of the vehicle’s suspension system.

Strv 103-0, main battle tank, premium, Sweden, V rank.

Good mobility
Low profile
Excellent firepower

Fixed, unstabilized cannon
The Kit Includes:
Strv 103-0 (Rank 5, Sweden) - available after 1.95 update;
2000 Golden Eagles;
Premium account for 15 days;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Thor" decal;
Pre-order bonus: unique "God of Thunder" title.
Ground vehicle CBT access will be in an upcoming updates.

In War Thunder, the legendary Strv 103 will come to the game as part of update 1.95 "Northern wind", being also one of the first Swedish ground vehicles to make it into the game! While pilots will get their hands on a few dozen new toys waiting for them in the new Swedish aviation tree, tank commanders who choose to obtain the Strv 103-0 - the pre-production model of the Strv 103 - as part of a bundle in our online store, will have the chance to have a first taste of what the Swedish ground tech has to offer, arriving later as part of a future update.

One doesn’t need to look at the Strv 103 for long to realize that this tank will offer its aspiring commanders an experience like virtually no other ground vehicle in War Thunder does. Its unique turretless design, fixed gun controlled by the use of the vehicle’s adjustable suspension and overall good mobility will allow War Thunder tank commanders to experience armored combat in a completely different light than before.

Starting off with the Strv 103’s most iconic feature - its gun and gun handling system - the Strv 103-0 is armed with the Bofors 105mm L74 cannon, similar to the very familiar L7 cannon, and is supported by an autoloading mechanism, giving the cannon the ability to fire every 4 seconds. The ammunition selection includes a wide assortment of sub-caliber and chemical rounds, typical for 105mm cannons of the NATO arsenal.

However, from here on, the Strv 103 abandones all similarities with other western tank designs. Unlike most combat vehicles, the Strv 103’s main gun is fixed in place to the vehicle’s hull and cannot move independently. To make aiming more practical, this turretless tank features hull aiming mode which is enabled by default.
The Strv 103-0 is, much like the rest of the vehicle itself, powered by a rather unique propulsion system. Unlike most other ‘conventional’ tanks, the S-tank sources its power from not one, but two engines. Specifically, the Strv 103 is powered by a 240 horsepower diesel engine as well a 300 horsepower gas turbine, both of which provide the vehicle with power in different circumstances. As a result, the Strv 103 offers good levels of mobility on virtually all terrain types and can reach a top speed of up to 50 km/h under ideal circumstances and even 44 km/h in reverse, giving it one of the best reverse top speeds in the game.

Fun Fact: The Strv 103 was the first combat vehicle in the world to utilize a gas turbine in its power plant.

As far as protection and survivability is concerned, the Strv 103 offers highly situational results in these two areas. Ideally, with the tank being put in a hull down position and facing the enemy forwards, the S-tank becomes extremely difficult to penetrate, thanks to its relatively thin, yet extremely sloped upper glacis armor causing regular armor-piercing rounds to ricochet off harmlessly more often than not. The Strv 103 features a very special and unique duplication of the control panels between driver-gunner and tank commander. When the driver-gunner is knocked out, the tank loses its ability to move and shoot, but only temporarily, as the commander is able to take control much faster than other tanks since the commander doesn’t actually need to change seats. The coolest thing with the Strv 103 is that it is the first and only tank in War Thunder able to move and shoot while having only one crew member alive!

The Strv 103-0 can be obtained through the purchase of a special bundle in our online store and will become available to all its future owners with the release of update 1.95. In the meantime, keep a close eye on the news for more information regarding the next major update coming to the game very soon. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

Owners of the pre-order packs will get access to the Swedish ground vehicle tech tree research in future.


This pack includes

SAV 20.12.48 (Rank 2 Sweden) - available after 1.95 update;
1000 Golden Eagles;
Premium account for 7 days;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Sleipnir" decal;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Sleipnir" title.

SAV 20.12.48

The SAV 20.12.48 was a prototype, developed by the swedish company AB Bofors on its own initiative in the late 40’s, but it was not accepted into service by the Swedish army, due to its high cost. An 8 cylinder petrol engine was installed allowing the tank to reach a maximum speed of 52 km/h with a significant reverse speed of 20 km/h. The SAV 20.12.48 is armed with a shorter version of a 120 mm naval gun with an explosive mass of 2.25 kg of HE shells. It was also equipped with three smoke grenade launchers. In addition, the tank has an extremely high reload speed of 1.6 seconds, which, in combination with its other characteristics makes it a very dangerous opponent on the battlefield.

Note! As a bonus you will receive a unique decal and a title available only for pre-order. The vehicle in the pack will become available after 1.95 update. Golden Eagles, premium account and pre-order bonuses become available right after the purchase of the pack.

LV. 19
GP 459
9 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
Admiral Graf Spee: Outgunning the Opposition (德國)

Admiral Graf Spee was one of three Deutschland-class heavy cruisers built for the German Navy in the interwar period as replacements for older warships. In War Thunder update 1.95 “Northern wind”, captains may look forward to commanding this legendary ‘Panzerschiff’, coming soon to the game as one of the first German rank V vessels!

Briefly: A unique German interwar heavy cruiser design, combining moderate mobility and protection with outstanding firepower.

Admiral Graf Spee, heavy cruiser, Germany, V rank.

Largest gun calibre in the game
High crew count
Good survivability

Average mobility
Lackluster AA protection
In War Thunder, Admiral Graf Spee will be the first rank V vessel coming to the German naval tree as part of the upcoming update 1.95 “Northern wind”. Unlike other vessels in the game, going beyond the bounds of the German naval tree itself, Admiral Graf Spee is very much a unique kind of ship historically speaking and will also take on an equally unique role within War Thunder as well, following its introduction to the game as part of the next major update.

The thing that sets the Deutschland-class cruisers apart from other warships is their rather unique combination of powerful weaponry coupled with average protection and mobility. We’ll come back to the latter two aspects later in the devblog, and instead, we’ll now focus on Graf Spee’s most notable feature - firepower of course!

Admiral Graf Spee is primarily armed with a pair of triple 283mm (11’’) turrets, with the turrets being placed on either end of the ship’s hull. Thanks to this, Admiral Graf Spee will become the new record holder in War Thunder as far as weapon calibre is concerned. Naturally, this does mean that aspiring captains of this vessel will have a significant damage output potential at their disposal, though at the cost of fire rate as the Graf Spee’s main guns can only fire once roughly every 24 seconds.

Additionally, Admiral Graf Spee is also armed with an impressive array of auxiliary weapons, such as eight 150mm, three double 105mm AA cannons as well as two quadruple 533mm torpedo launchers, all of which will no doubt prove their worth in close-range engagements, acting as reliable backups to the primary guns.
Fun Fact: Ships of the Deutschland-class were often referred to as ‘Pocket Battleships’, a term given to them by the British due to their oversized primary guns compared to the design’s remaining specifications.

Unlike Graf Spee’s weaponry, the rest of the warship’s characteristics are fairly average when compared to some existing vessels in the game. For instance, the armour protection present on Graf Spee consists of a 100mm thick main belt armour and 150mm protecting the conning tower and turret fronts. While this may not be the best armour protection offered in the game, it will help deflect some damage in combat, while the ship’s sizable crew of 1,175 sailors will further aid in keeping the ship operational during long and intense engagements.

Furthermore, Admiral Graf Spee won’t be among the fastest cruiser vessels in the game. Being powered by eight diesel engines, producing up to 56,800 horsepower, the ship is capable of attaining a maximum top speed of around 29.5 knots (54.6 km/h). As a result, future commanders of the Graf Spee shouldn’t necessarily base their battle tactics around elaborate maneuvers, but rather around making extensive use of the ship’s deadly firepower to provide effective fire support for allied vessels from the rear.

Admiral Graf Spee is coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.95 “Northern wind” and will become available to all captains as the first German rank V vessel. In the meantime, keep a close watch on the horizon for more news regarding the next major update coming to the game very soon. Until then, calm seas and happy hunting captains!

LV. 19
GP 464
10 樓 超爽德 wwtw15991
SAV 20.12.48: Nordic Sledgehammer (瑞典)

The SAV 20.12.48 was an experimental Swedish SPG, developed by the Bofors company in the postwar years as their first private venture into tank development. Coming soon as part of update 1.95 “Northern Wind”, War Thunder tankers will have the chance to put this experimental design to the test and get a first taste of the Swedish ground forces coming in a future update!

Briefly: An experimental Swedish postwar SPG, featuring a very fast-firing high-caliber cannon and excellent mobility while offering only light protection.

SAV 20.12.48, SPG, premium, Sweden, II rank.

Devastating high-caliber gun
Extremely high rate of fire
Superb mobility

Weak armor protection

In War Thunder, the Sav fm/48 will be one of the first Swedish ground units available to tankers upon the release of the upcoming update 1.95. Although the full Swedish ground forces tree will arrive to the game in one of the future updates, the Sav fm/48 will allow tankers to catch an early glimpse of what the Swedish ground tech has in store for them and gather some first impressions before the rest of the tree arrives in one of the next major updates.

The SAV 20.12.48’s most standout feature is no doubt its massive 120mm cannon, dominantly protruding through the vehicle’s upper glacis plate. Besides the cannon itself being powerful, its effectiveness is further enhanced by the use of an autoloading mechanism, which gives the Sav fm/48 a mind-bogglingly fast reload of only 1.2 seconds per shot for the first 6 rounds of each magazine!

While firepower can definitely be considered as the SAV 20.12.48’s greatest advantage, its armor protection is the direct opposite of that. Being protected by only 30mm of armor plating at best, the Sav fm/48 is only really protected against low caliber machine gun fire and shrapnell, while anything greater than that might pose a serious threat to the vehicle and its crew’s well-being.
The Kit Includes:
SAV 20.12.48 (Rank 2 Sweden) - available after 1.95 update;
1000 Golden Eagles;
Premium account for 7 days;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Sleipnir" decal;
Pre-order bonus: unique "Sleipnir" title
Ground vehicle CBT access will be in an upcoming updates.
On the other hand, having such light armor does mean that the vehicle’s weight was kept relatively low - at just around 20 tons. This relatively low weight in combination with a 400 horsepower engine gives the Sav fm/48 a very good power-to-weight ratio of 20 hp/t, in turn allowing the vehicle to reach a respectable top speed of 52 km/h and even 20 km/h in reverse, under ideal conditions. Therefore, commanders will be well advised to rely on the vehicle’s excellent mobility to keep them out of harm’s way and not rely on the armor to do much of the protection work.

The SAV 20.12.48 can be obtained as part of a special bundle in our online store and will become available to all its prospective owners with the release of the upcoming update 1.95 “Northern Wind”. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the news in order not to miss out on any new information regarding the next major update, coming to the game very soon. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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