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Hello Heisters

We want to inform you about changes to how our safes function, these changes will come into effect sometime next week. Currently, there are 7 safes that aren't in the drop rotation. These safes represent the first safes we released that, at the time of release, required drills to open them.
Due to legal rulings concerning the purchase of digital items, we're going to be making some changes to our safes to make sure we're in compliance with the relevant laws.

我們想告知您關於我們保險箱的變化更改,這個更動將會在下禮拜實裝。 現在總共有 7個保險箱不在掉落獲得的名單中。 這些保險箱意味著我們首次發布的保險箱,在發布時也需要鑽頭才能打開它們。由於一些數位商品的法律裁決,我們將對保險箱進行一些更改,以便我們遵守相關法律。(然而,遊戲要扮演不遵守法律的搶匪)

So what exactly are we changing?

Today, the only way to get the above-mentioned safes is to go on the Steam marketplace, buy a safe, and then buy a corresponding drill.Going forward, these safes will be added to the regular rotation of droppable safes (at a low chance), and be openable without a drill. Any safes you may have in your Steam inventory will also be made openable without a drill.

今天,獲得上述(那 7個不在掉落名單的)保險箱唯一管道為 Steam市集,購買一個保險箱然後再買一個相對應鑽頭。今後這些保險箱將會加入掉落名單內,同時不再需要鑽頭就可打開。 任何一種在你 Steam物品庫的保險箱也將不再需要鑽頭就可打開。

Following that, we're removing the option to buy drills, anyone who has a drill in their inventory will see them replaced with a safe of the same type so a 'Dallas Safe drill' will turn into a 'Dallas Safe'. This will increase the number of skins from those safes in circulation and also make new ones more likely to appear in the future. For those of you thinking “I can buy drills now and get a lot of safes when the change happens” - yes, you could. Keep in mind however, that by the time these changes go live, it’s likely more skins will be put up on the market overall.

同時,我們將從遊戲中移除購買鑽頭的選項。任何人身上擁有的鑽頭,也將會變成對應的保險箱。例如:Dallas Safe Drill 將變成 Dallas Safe。 這也將大量的出現這些保險箱的 Skin ,也可能在未來也有更多的 Skin。 對於那些「我現在可以買鑽頭然後等更新上路後變成大量保險箱」想法的人, 對。你可以這麼做。但請記得當這個更動上路時,市集上也將會有更多的 Skin

In addition to these changes, we are also removing the option to sell and trade safes on the marketplace or between users. You can still buy and trade the skins but you need to open the safe you get in the loot drops first.

除了這些變動外,我們也移除了與他人之間交易、販售保險箱在市集上的設定。 你依舊可以購買或者是交易 Skin ,但是你必須要開啟保險箱獲得東西。

What does this mean for me?

If you don’t currently have any safes or drills in your Steam Inventory, you will not notice any immediate changes. The main thing for you to notice is that you have an increased range of safes that can drop during your next loot card drop at the end of a heist.

如果你當前沒有任何保險箱或者是鑽頭在你的 Steam物品庫,你不會注意到有任何立即的更動。 但主要的是你抽卡獲得保險箱時有更多的保險箱種類範圍。

If you have any safes in your inventory - Your safes will remain in your inventory. The main change is that your safe is now not tradeable, the skins are still marketable as usual.
If you have drills in your inventory- Your drill will be removed from the Inventory the next time you launch the game. Instead you will find a safe of the same type as the drill(s) you had. This safe will function as described above.


When is this change coming to the game?

We will be making these changes sometime next week. The date is still to be determined.
We are still putting together community safes so you will see more awesome skins from our talented skin artists appear from time to time.


The tl;dr:

No more drills, no more unavailable safes and no more safes in the marketplace.
We are making some changes to our safes to ensure that the popo won’t raid us (again). You still have a couple of days to purchase safes and drills with our current system, but after we make the change you can open any safe* without having to purchase a drill.


*The COP safe and drill will remain unchanged.
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