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【情報】真愛人民碧絲2019 Q4財報公開,相對去年同期大增237.4%!772研發人員有多少是在開發PC黑沙?

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This is the time where all major game companies which are stock-listed to reveal their Q4 2019 (October to December) financial results, and Pearl Abyss did not disappoint with theirs. In the final 3 months of 2019, Pearl Abyss raked in 49.6 billion Korean Won in net profit, which is around 4.2 million USD. While the amount might seem small, do not forget that Pearl Abyss is now working on several new games, making hundreds of new hires, and footing the bill for a new office building. Compared to Q4 2018, net profit rose 237.4%!
As of Q4 2019, Pearl Abyss has 1232 employees worldwide, with 772 in development and 460 in business, marketing, etc. An interesting tidbit, Pearl Abyss spent a massive 14.2 million USD in advertising costs. As for Pearl Abyss’ future plan, it was all laid out at G-Star 2019, with titles such as Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8 in the works. The battle royale Shadow Arena is starting its global Closed Beta 2 later this month, so sign up for it now.


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